In most cases, chatbots aren’t a fool-proof alternative to real-life human conversations (although there are some highly advanced, AI-powered chatbots that can do incredible things). For businesses, however, chatbots are rising in popularity as they’re brilliant communication tools and can massively improve the customer experience. 
Read on for six reasons why it’s worth jumping onto the chatbot bandwagon for your business website… 

1. Round-the-clock customer support 

A chatbot will give your website visitors access to support 24/7, outside of regular business hours and even during twilight hours – important if you have an international (or nocturnal) audience. 
Chatbots can help answer common FAQs such as product, shipping and pricing information and even track customer orders. Responses are sent back to visitors instantly, so they don’t need to wait around to get their questions answered. 
In a survey conducted by Tidio, 53% of respondents said that waiting too long for replies is the most frustrating part of interacting with businesses. So speeding up response times can lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention. 

2. Automated responses 

With a chatbot in place, you won’t need to answer the same handful of questions day in and day out. You can programme a chatbot to handle tedious questions (and it’ll never get tired or frustrated)! And as well as providing visitors with the answer they need, a chatbot can steer them towards the next step in their customer journey. 
For example, if a potential buyer asks for pricing information on a particular product, the chatbot can relay the price and offer to add the item to their shopping cart. 

3. Saves time 

A chatbot frees up your time to focus on the daily operations of your business. They’re especially effective if you employ a team of service agents, as staff can use their time more effectively to deal with complex enquiries or complaints rather than laborious FAQs. 
A study from Yell suggests that by adopting AI, such as chatbots, businesses could save thousands of working hours per year (not to mention plenty of money too). 

4. Increases engagement 

Chatbots help visitors stay on your website longer while getting their questions answered. Not only will this help with your site bounce rate, but visitors may be more inclined to convert as they’ll be able to understand your products or services better. With clever programming, chatbots can keep visitors hooked and wanting to learn more. 

5. Extra sales channel 

Customer support is one usage for chatbots, but they can also drive conversions, all in the same widget. You could, for example, use a chatbot to walk visitors through your products to find the ones they’re interested in, add the item to the shopping cart and take the visitor to the checkout. This helps create a seamless and fast buying experience for the customer. 

6. Helps with brand perception 

By programming a chatbot with the language and personality your brand uses, visitors can experience your brand voice with every interaction, leading to better brand awareness and perception. 

Offer outstanding service with a chatbot 

A website chatbot improves the customer experience and could save your business time and money. If you have an it’seeze website, you can easily integrate a chatbot. We recommend Tidio; it’s a top-rated solution for small to medium-sized businesses and works seamlessly with it’seeze websites, and other platforms. 
A quality web design also helps enhance the user experience. If you’re worried your web design isn’t performing as well as it should, contact us today for a free website review. 
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