A good website is one that converts, turning leads into paying customers. This is the case whether you’re selling products through an e-commerce website or if you have a brochure site to generate brand awareness and enquiries. There are several ways to get your website to convert – read on to discover five of the best. 

1. A popup form 

Popup forms often come under fire for being intrusive, but many marketers agree that they can significantly boost conversions. There are now many types of popups, including ‘welcome mats’ that cover the entire screen, central popup forms that appear and the discreet slide-in banners that appear when browsing certain content. 
It’s essential to use the right type of popup for your offer to boost conversions and avoid annoying your website visitors. The more impressive your offer, the more you can get away with your popup being intrusive. 

2. Testimonials 

Testimonials, case studies and reviews are fantastic ways to boost conversions. Potential customers or clients usually look for social proof before deciding to purchase – so reading about other people’s experiences of your product or service can be the factor that pushes them from ‘lead’ to ‘buyer’. 
Make sure testimonials are displayed clearly on your website. A good approach is to include different reviews in a carousel format on your home page, above the footer area, which can be seen on every page. Alternatively, have a dedicated page that can be accessed easily via your main navigation. If you offer services, a portfolio of your work can also help to build trust and encourage conversions. 

3. Dedicated landing pages 

Landing pages hone in on a particular product, service or special offer. They can help you drive traffic, improve your website’s SEO and help customers understand the benefits of what you’re offering, leading them to convert. They’re often used in combination with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns or as part of a sales funnel. 
With an it’seeze website, you can add as many pages as you like to your website (see which package is best for your needs). 

4. Persuasive copy 

The words on your website play a crucial part in conversions. If you think of your website as a shop window, the copy is what invites visitors to come in and make a purchase. For the copy to do its job effectively, it needs to be cleverly written – persuasive, waffle-free, direct and engaging. 
Sadly, we’re not all wordsmiths. It can pay dividends to use a professional copywriter to strengthen your call-to-actions and create attention-grabbing content about your products or services. 

5. Live chat support 

Live chat enables website visitors to have conversations in real-time with your business – it’s like instant customer service. Having this feature on your website could boost conversions by as much as 45%. 
A live chat box isn’t intrusive, yet it’s there when visitors want to ask a specific question. It’s super convenient as the visitor doesn’t have to make a phone call or wait for an email response. They can even multi-task while taking part in a live chat conversation. 
To integrate live chat into your site, you’ll need an app, and of course, someone available to handle the enquiries coming in. It'seeze websites integrate with Tidio, so there's a ready made option already waiting for you. 

Start boosting website conversions today 

Whether you need an upgrade on an existing website or an entirely new website designing from scratch, we’ll make sure your website converts. Get in touch with Garry, your local it’seeze consultant, with your requirements to receive a no-obligation quote. 
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