The world of web design has massively evolved over the last decade thanks to technological developments and changing user preferences. Last year, we saw nostalgic design, animated typography, claymorphism and a heavy focus on inclusivity. But what does 2024 have in store? Keep reading to find out! 

1. Y2K design (again) 

The Y2K aesthetic was big in 2023 and is here to stay throughout 2024. Picture vibrant clashing colours like bubblegum pinks, lime greens, and yellows (the colours you'll find in a pack of highlighter pens) and exaggerated retro interfaces with gradients, stickers, and simple graphics. The opposite of minimalism, Y2K design is cheerful and optimistic – perfect if your brand fits into a sense of playfulness and retrofuturism. Music Sound is a good example. 

2. Textured design 

Since the doom and gloom of the pandemic, minimalism and white space seem to have made a departure, and textured, tactile designs have come into play to evoke an emotional, relatable response. From balloon-style typography and abstract imagery to animal fur designs, 2024 web design will surely make us feel something. Admilk's squishy branding says it all. 

3. Anti-design 

This trend is about using heavy, harsh and unstructured elements that may clash or overlap to push creative boundaries and grab visitors' attention. Anti-design isn't for every brand, as it rejects convention in favour of somewhat brutal yet innovative layouts. In other words, it's a bit chaotic and 'out there'. Check out Stedelijk and Werkleitz Festival. 

4. Bento grids 

Heard of the Bento Box? It's a Japanese lunchbox with little compartments to separate different food items and keep them fresh. Typically, you'd have one large section for your main dish and a few little ones for sides or snacks. Bento grids in web design follow a similar concept. Your most important content is placed in bigger boxes, while less relevant information is housed in little boxes. Bento UI is used by some of the most prominent brands around, including Apple. See many more Bento grid designs here. 

5. Dark-mode design 

Dark-mode websites like Linear grew in popularity in 2023, and we expect to see many more of them in 2024. Dark-mode design uses light-coloured or colourful fonts and imagery against a dark background. It provides a slick and professional aesthetic that's easy on the eye and makes your media content 'pop', helping to engage visitors. Interestingly, Apple uses dark-mode design on its iPhone 15 Pro landing page, which really gives the wow factor to this particular product. 

Level up your website in 2024 

We hope this roundup of hot-off-the-press web design trends will inspire you if you're considering upgrading your website in 2024. Whatever your creative vision, our team of friendly designers will help you bring it to life. Why not ask us about a free, no-obligation website health check to learn how your site can be improved?  
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