Adding a blog to your website is a brilliant idea for many reasons. It gives you a platform to share what’s happening in your business, builds credibility and connections with your audience, and drives traffic from search engines. 
However, after an initial burst of activity, you may find yourself facing ‘blogger’s block’ where you run out of steam for topics to write about. If this happens, we’ve got you covered with these five foolproof, always-relevant blogging ideas that work for all businesses. 

1. Top tips 

Top tips posts are easy to write, engaging to read and highly sharable. No matter what type of products or services you provide, you should be able to create a list of tips your audience will find valuable. 
If you’re stuck on what to write tips about, consider the questions customers frequently ask and start there. For example, an estate agent will often get asked by people selling their home for advice on improving kerb appeal. The perfect topic for a top tips post! 

2. Case study 

Case studies are ideal for showcasing how your business helps customers. They can be even more successful than testimonials as you can include all sorts of information – the customer’s problem, how your product or service solved it and the results achieved. 
Pick your case study carefully: it should resonate with your target audience. So, if you’re a financial advisor targeting middle-aged professionals needing to top up their retirement fund, write about someone who fits this profile where your services have helped get their savings on track. 

3. Behind-the-scenes peek 

Whether your business is large or small, a blog that looks at what goes on behind the scenes can be really interesting for readers. Why not take photos or videos of your products being made or a tour of the office? You could even do a ‘day in the life’ post to give your audience an insight into what key staff members do in their jobs. 

4. Product information 

Blogs are great for telling customers about a new product or service you’ve just launched – and for sharing information on existing products too. Use a blog to explain product advantages and how it works, show photos and videos, answer FAQs and more. 

5. Blog post series 

Coming up with an idea for a five-post series is often easier than writing five separate blogs on individual topics. They’re also a great way to dig deep into a particular subject matter and showcase your experience and knowledge – and they keep readers coming back for more. The trick to writing a series is breaking down a meaty topic into smaller chunks. 
Blog post series work for all sorts of business sectors. So, for instance, a travel agent could write a series on how to plan the trip of a lifetime. A virtual assistant could outline several ways their services save time for business owners. And a design agency could write about the key elements that make up a set of business branding guidelines. 

Does your website need a blog? 

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