When you think about what constitutes a top-notch website, what’s the first thought that springs to mind? An attractive design or user-friendliness? Easy navigation or a fast page loading speed? These are essential characteristics of a great website, but high-quality written website content is another vital aspect that should be ranked at the top of the list. Here are five reasons why… 

1. Communicates your brand and offering 

Without quality web copy, you can’t accurately describe what your business does and how your products or services can solve customers’ problems. The phrase ‘Content is King’ has been bandied about the internet for many years now because words (written skillfully) are compelling. They form your brand’s voice and messaging. 

2. Builds trust with web visitors 

Content helps you make a brilliant first impression with visitors landing on your site for the first time. And in a crowded market, the words on your website can set you apart from competitors. You can use content to inform, educate, answer questions, and provide tips and solutions that add value to your target audience. 
Content isn’t something you should only focus on when designing your website. It should form part of your online marketing strategy for the long term. Regularly creating unique and helpful content can establish your business as a leader in your field and keep web visitors and customers coming back for more. 

3. Generates leads and encourages conversions 

Back in 1996, the visionary that is Bill Gates wrote a famous essay in which he gave a future prediction that content would be where the real money would be made on the internet. And he was right. Content is now a money-making powerhouse, not just written content but video and audio too. 
Quality content can draw people to your website, and once you’ve got them there, convince them that they should use your business or buy your products. If you’re selling online, a carefully planned content marketing funnel can guide potential customers through their first website interaction to their first purchase. 

4. Significantly contributes to SEO 

You probably know that SEO is important for helping your website rank higher in search engine results. Great content can do wonders to boost your SEO efforts, especially if you optimise your copy with keywords your target audience is searching for. 
Original, valuable content also encourages visitors to share it online, which helps generate backlinks to your website – another crucial part of SEO. Finally, search engine algorithms favour websites that are continually updated with fresh content. 

5. Influences your web design 

Your web copy directly affects your website's design elements and layout (and vice versa). The words tell visitors what they need to know – and what they need to do next – while the design helps the copy be read in the right way. So it makes sense to use a content-first approach to web design and ensure your content and design are carefully aligned and developed in tandem. 

Talk to us about content-first web design 

If you’re thinking about getting a new website, content production, as well as the design itself, should be at the forefront of your mind. 
If you’re not a natural-born writer, don’t worry – most people aren’t! From our experience, it’s best to hire a professional copywriter to develop written content for your site. 
Professional content creation is a relatively small investment that will drive a much higher return for your website than without it. Quality copy will consolidate your overall brand message, make your web design more effective and result in a great user experience. Not to mention, it’ll save you much time and hassle. 
Discover how we can bring your new website plans to fruition with a content-first web design approach. Get in touch today. 
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