In today's fast-paced digital world, staying ahead of the curve is vital to maintain a robust online presence. One way you can do this is by creating evergreen content for your website. Evergreen content remains interesting and relevant to your audience over time, working in the background to enhance your brand's authority in the digital landscape. Let's delve into what this type of content is and how it can benefit your business. 

What is evergreen content? 

Unlike trending topics or news articles that lose their appeal quickly, evergreen content retains its value to your website visitors over time. It can be seasonal, such as 'Easter Decorating Ideas', or connected to timeless topics like 'How to Improve Your SEO'. 
Evergreen content covers subjects that are always in demand, providing solutions to common problems or answering frequently asked questions. This type of content can be used as a powerful tool for engaging your audience and driving consistent traffic to your website. 

The benefits of creating evergreen content 

Builds trust and authority 

By consistently providing valuable and reliable information through evergreen website content, you'll build trust with your audience. Over time, this trust will translate into increased brand loyalty, and your business will be seen as an authority in your field. 

Good for SEO and driving organic traffic 

Search engines love evergreen content because it has long-term relevance, a factor indicative of a positive user experience. And, when you optimise evergreen content with the right SEO keywords, it has an even better chance of ranking higher in search engine pages. This results in increased organic traffic as users search for and find your content. 

Drives long-term value via ongoing traffic 

Unlike time-sensitive content that sees a spike in traffic and then fades away, evergreen content continues attracting visitors. Ongoing traffic means a steady flow of potential leads and customers to your website. 

Greater sharability 

Valuable, timeless content is more likely to be shared on social media by your website visitors – and those followers within their networks, further amplifying your reach and driving even more online visits. (This is also good for SEO, as search engines favour sharable content.) 

Evergreen content formats 

Evergreen content can be created in all shapes and sizes to engage your audience. How-to guides and tutorials are particularly valuable, providing step-by-step solutions to common problems. List posts, on the other hand, are easy to read and digest, offering quick, helpful information that’s simple to share and revisit. 
Consider case studies, opinion articles or expert interviews to add depth and perspective to your content. Then, there are infographics which present information visually, making complex data easier to understand. These are highly shareable and can convey much information quickly, making them an excellent tool for engaging your audience and spreading your message across various platforms. 

Tips for creating evergreen content 

Choose topics carefully – select those that will remain relevant to your audience now and for several years to come. Focus on subjects that address ongoing needs or questions within your industry. 
Consider SEO Keywords – research and incorporate keywords your audience frequently searches for. 
Decide on the most suitable format – the one that best suits your content and audience. Whether it's a guide, list, or infographic, ensure it effectively communicates your message. 
Create and publish – ensure your content is authentic, accurate, and engaging (a professional content creator can help). Add visuals to enhance readability and include relevant internal and external links to reputable websites. 
Promote – regularly promote your evergreen content on social media and other platforms. 
Monitor performance – continually check page rankings, traffic and bounce rate. A drop in performance indicates that something isn't right with your content – it may need updating. 
Repurpose your original content – into different formats, such as videos, podcasts, or social media posts. This helps reach a broader audience across various platforms. 

Create evergreen content to enhance your online presence 

Evergreen content is valuable for your website and business because it keeps your audience engaged and your brand relevant. We'll leave you with one extra tip: leveraging user-generated content (UGC) as evergreen content. For example, you could ask customers to share their experiences and leave reviews or success stories about your products or services. UGC is fresh and authentic, fosters community and trust and provides ideas for future content creation. 
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